MiaSolé FLEX-3

Bestime_Sola-min Guarantee: 25 years


  • Lightness
  • High yield, with a level up to 17,5%!
  • Reliability: the unique design allows the installation of CIGS modules on roofs with a simple industrial-grade sticker integrated during the manufacturing process
  • The application is done by simply peeling then direct gluing of the CIGS solar panel: easy and efficient!
  • High wind resistance: studies show that wind and seismic resistance is superior to that of traditional rack and panel systems
  • Unmatched performance in windy regions
  • This high-tech article is composed of a thin and flexible film whose performance is among the highest on the current market
  • We also guarantee 80% efficiency after 25 years of use!
  • World record efficiency of 26.5% on a tandem solar cell based on a flexible CIGS solar cell

A world famous manufacturer

We rely on the expertise and reliability of MiaSolé, our renowned Korean manufacturer, working since 2004 in the world of CIGS photovoltaic solutions and offering high-tech solutions for the manufacture of light, flexible and powerful solar cells.

More than 200 patents have been filed, which shows the dynamism and innovation of the brand!


Finally a real revolution in the world of CIGS photovoltaic cells!

CIGS photovoltaic modules are among the most efficient in the world due to their energy efficiency and durability over time.

They have characteristics that make them sought after by architects, engineers but also construction companies and those who seek to produce their own electricity.

Able to withstand natural disasters:

  • Modules are unbreakable and will not shatter if struck by debris
  • the protection from sun, rain, snow and hail is also strong for high intensity winds and areas at high seismic risk

Also resistant to vandalism and theft due to their strength and strong fixation No need for additional space and easy installation: no need to drill the roof during installation.

This eliminates any risk of leakage and damage to valuables.


comparison of CIGS cell and Polysilicon

Key features


The low weight of the modules


Cell efficiency level of up to 17,5%


Roof and Wall Cladding modules unique redundant interconnect design enables industry- leading reliability

Wind resistance

  • Superior wind resistance and a seismic advantage over traditional rack-and-panel systems where their higher profile increases the likelihood of damage in a hurricane or earthquake
  • High Wind Zone Performance

Resistant to Natural Disasters

  • The modules are shatterproof, and won't break if struck by debris
  • Sun, rain, snow and hail protection applicable for high wind load and high seismic hazard areas

No additional space needed

  • No extra space needed, no roof penetrations, eliminating the worry of leakage and damage to valuable contents within the building
  • No penetrations, ballast or racking required