Smart cities

Solar LED Lighting

ClearWorld has created a unique lighting system by integrating the solar panels of the MiaSolé FLEX series.

They are capable of continuing to function with winds of over 200 km/h.

This is compared to conventional rectangular panels that only withstand winds of 120 km/h.

In addition, the curved design works better in high temperatures.

And it can operate off-grid: this makes it ideal for remote locations, including roads, sidewalks, housing estates, parking lots, university campuses or warehouses.

LED poles can also be adapted for government or military use.


Enjoy the beauty of custom poles + the benefits of our RETROFLEX technology

The ultimate lighting option to reduce municipal operating costs, while providing an environmentally friendly option.

RetroFlex is a smart solar lighting system designed to utilize and store solar energy to provide backup power for municipalities and utilities.

ClearWorld's patented solar LED lighting and Smart City solutions can be installed on new or existing poles and, best of all, they look great!

Our green energy solutions will bring significant savings to any project while offering the most advanced technology on the market.

Below are a few key benefits we'd like to share with you that we feel are most important to our customers.

  • Savings - No electric bills from day one for the county, a 10-year maintenance-free system and less upfront cost for the contractor when installing conventional infrastructure.
  • Safety - Deter crime and ensure safety by having proper lights.
  • Durability
  • Increased power with RetroFlex
  • Resiliency - Lights up when the grid fails.

RetroFlex is the next generation of solar LED lighting and we strongly believe in it.

The cost-benefit analysis for the City clearly shows savings with RetroFlex over the life of the product.

As noted earlier, RetroFlex is not only attractive and functional under normal conditions, it is the ideal "insurance policy" during hurricane season.

In conclusion, RetroFlex is a unique solution for the City.

Let's get creative

RetroFlex reduces exposure to wind in severe weather due to its patented "retrofit" technology.

In addition, the battery is mounted in a sleeve well above ground level to ensure that flooding cannot affect performance and power supply during adverse weather conditions.

Again, these are the features that make ClearWorld's RetroFlex so popular around the world!


Our modernized poles bring great advantages for the environment and the economy: they use solar energy, which is the most abundant renewable energy source on the planet.

The direct effect of this is that there are no greenhouse gas emissions like those produced by fossil fuels.

With our exclusive product line, air pollution is reduced and natural resources are preserved.

Each RetroFlex unit reduces CO2 by over 4,500 lbs. per year!

In addition, physical assaults are reduced because city streets can remain lit all night.

ClearWorld is a leader in renewable energy and smart city technology.

Let us show you how BESTIME can save you money while providing innovative and environmentally friendly technology.