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European wholesaler and specialist of ClearWorld solar lighting and remote monitoring systems, MiaSolé CIGS solar panels and Galvalume Feroof steel tiles

The CIGS photovoltaic cells

A photovoltaic module made from CIGS cells of the highest level and which is developed factories of MiaSolé, a world-renowned specialist in the field of photovoltaic panels!

We also guarantee 80% efficiency after 25 years of use!

World record efficiency of 26.5% on a tandem solar cell based on a flexible CIGS solar cell.

Our MiaSolé flexible photovoltaic modules are easily adapted to roofs (metal, low-slope commercial, etc.) thanks to a simple adhesive integrated during manufacture, but also on canopies and verandas, greenhouses or any place exposed to sunlight. But that's not all, you can also use them on a motorhome or car, a water tank and of course, solar street lights or parking lots.

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Lighting and remote monitoring the way of solar LED technology

Tomorrow's cities need sustainable energy solutions:

  • ClearWorld harnesses the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available, solar power, to provide outdoor lighting that conserves resources and requires virtually no maintenance.

We offer efficient and reliable systems that reduce costs and maintenance expenses.

ClearWorld's solar LED solutions are not only able to produce more energy at a lower cost, but also withstand very high winds, thanks to patented Retroflex panels!

They are capable of continuing to operate in winds of over 200 km/h.

ClearWorld focuses on providing off-grid/on-grid solar LED lighting solutions for roadways, sidewalks, apartment complexes, retail and corporate parking lots, and college campuses.

The equipment can be adapted for government institutions or military installations.

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The steel tile

The Bestime metal tile, made of Galvalume steel, is composed of aluminum (55%) and zinc (45%).

This specific alloy makes it possible to offer corrosion resistance much greater than traditional coatings.

In addition, various finishes are offered so that our Bestime metal tiles can adapt to all types of buildings, whether they are for personal accommodation, professional spaces or storage sheds.

Among many advantages, our Bestime metal tile is soundproof, non-flammable, durable and light!

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Our partnership

In 2019, Bestime is forming an alliance with South Korean company Feroof, a global leader in roofing materials.

Feroof is backed by 40 years of experience and development in the industry.

In 2021, Bestime enters into a partnership with the American company MiaSolé, one of the world's most efficient CIGS solar panel manufacturers.

In 2021, Bestime is partnering with ClearWorld, a global provider of alternative energy systems whose primary focus is to design and retrofit energy efficient systems that reduce operating and maintenance costs.

The opportunity to work closely with the most recognized manufacturers allows us to offer you high quality products day after day.

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You can reach us by phone at +33 1 49 36 03 09 or by e-mail at contact@bestime.fr