Roof tiles

Beautify your building with Bestime's tiles


The steel tile

The Bestime tile is based on Galvalume steel coated with natural stone.

Galvalume steel, which is an alloy of aluminum (55%) and zinc (45%), provides superior corrosion resistance to traditional galvanized coatings.

The durability of our tiles is then higher to offer you a better tranquility!

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Solar panels

Flexible, lightweight, powerful, forget the rigid solar panels and all their limitations and discover the flexible solar panels and all of its possibilities


The CIGS photovoltaic cells

The CIGS cell is the latest technology in photovoltaic cells.
It has the advantage of being thin and having a yield even in cloudy weather.

This technology, due to its thinness and flexibility, is ideal for a wide variety of solutions,
ranging from solar panels to mobile devices.

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